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The Importance of a Home Security System

The Importance of a Home Security System

If you watch the police on TV, you can easily get the impression that should your home be the visited by a criminal, all that it takes as a phone call and the police will come running and that the 911 emergency system works flawlessly. The truth of the matter is that police response times have grown steadily and it is not uncommon for someone to now have to wait well over an hour after they have reported a burglary.

Secondly, you would be shocked at the lackluster attitude that is displayed by most police detectives on the job now and it is for this reason, rather then lack of actual evidence, that now more and more property crimes go unsolved. In fact, many people are shocked to find that they are the prime suspect when their home is broken into and robbed and rather then the police working to find out who actually did the crime, they spend their time grilling the homeowners and accusing them of pulling off an “insurance job.

If they can't find any quick evidence to pin it on the home owner then its back to the donut shop to spend the rest of the day lounging around eating free donuts and coffee while leering at and flirting with young chicks half their age while their wives and families are waiting at home. Stopping a crime from being committed at your home should be your first priority and with companies such as ADT being recognized for their highly effective service even criminals will now move along when they see their sign posted in the yard of a home.

With a new state of the art home security system, a crook doesn't even have to touch your home before he or she is detected and the alarm is sounded. This is because  a thirty-five foot perimeter of protection can now surround your home, using state of the art, high tech body heat and motion sensors.

These sensors are the latest technological innovation to come to the home security market and they are truly amazing in the way that they function. They work day or night, in any type of weather condition and can easily differentiate between man and animals, such as dogs and cats.

These sensors are also used inside of the home or business as the last security level, to pick up anyone if they have made it past the trip mechanisms on the windows and doors. For business people or home owners who worry about a burglar cutting through the roof or hiding out inside during business hoursFree Articles, these tiny sensors are the solution.