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Office Security with Cameras: Discreet Protection and Security

Office Security with Cameras: Discreet Protection and Security

Office security cameras are simple to set up and simple to operate as you can imagine would be needed.  Yet they need to be very effective for the type of use for which they are intended.  A careful assessment of the needs and environment of the particular office is important to determine, as what works for one office may not be the best fit for another situation. Generally, either black and white or color camera units are available so you can decide how important having a full range color capture of the subject.

 Professional office security cameras are currently available as either wired units or wireless units so again, you can choose what works best for your own environment. any of the modern security cameras for the office come equipped with an automatic shutter and an automatic iris for ease of use.

A security camera can look like a standard handheld camera only mounted on a tripod.  It can be placed in a weather or moisture proof dome either indoor or out.  This design looks particularly sophisticated for a building or office camera.  It is quite discreet and resembles a dome light fixture.

Another popular design for office security cameras is the finger or bullet security camera. This design is often used for indoors and can be placed on a desk, shelf, or even on a cupboard.  Because of its small size, this type of camera is a great one for covert surveillance. Another very small size camera is commonly called a 'coin camera'.  The size of the mini camera is very convenient to place in locations where it is hard to see.  It is a wireless camera in spite of the coverage needed to hide it from common view.

Office security cameras are intended for many different purposes.  A surveillance camera placed to show anyone who enters or leaves the building can be helpful if combined with an approval of entry being forced before the access is granted. An owner or manager can keep track of employee work habits when he or she is not present by utilization of a surveillance camera.  

During off-hours such as nights or weekends, a security camera can serve as a protection against unwelcome intruders entering space illegally. Theft of supplies or cash can be punished if a camera catches pictures of the thief in the act.  Often a camera is placed in a dark corner or in an area that is deserted during long periods such as a stairwell, roof, or stockroom is a location for assignations, whether welcome by both parties or not.  This can prevent the use of such deserted areas for nefarious purposes.

It is unlikely that anyone who knows a camera is recording their every move within a space to follow through with an act of theft, attack or other activities. However, if a thief should enter the premises, not realizing that an office security camera is recording his every move.  Many a criminal has been caught because of the quality of the pictures taken by a remote operator or by a mobile telephone.